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  Tumblr, to me, obviously means far more than it does to most of my peers. It goes beyond artistic and hipster-friendly reblogs. I don’t have to prepare an emotional speech about what it does mean, because you all know just as well, if not more, than I do. Your support, enlightenment, inspiration, and entertainment up until this point is what made me hold back on the hiatus for a few months. Or however long it’s been since I’ve gotten a bit more quiet on here.

  In that time, a lot has happened. My doctor helped me apply for a medical leave from school. My manager noticed something has been off with me, and has offered her help by reaching out to stores with a volume that will make it easier for me to take care of myself in the way that I need to. I’m working on becoming more comfortable with the idea of taking medication. I found a new yoga studio with more availability so I can start going three times a week, and maybe reconnect with the powerful center that I know is floating around inside of me somewhere.

  I’ve felt distant. I’ve felt stranded. But more recently, I’ve been feeling progress. To maintain that, I’ll be taking a few steps back from some things, and a complete break from others, including most social networking. Life has brought me to a place where I can’t wait a second longer to drop absolutely anything that may distract me from finding my peace.

  Since most of you have seen me at some of my worst (and vice versa), I figured it would only be right to let you know how and why I’m about to fall off the face of the internet. When I return, it will probably with a fresh URL, and a new purpose. If you care to keep in touch until whenever that may be, my email is on my page.

  Until next time, Internet. It’s been real.