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You can check out my interview with Anthony Raneri (Bayside) The band’s fantastic new album, Cult, is available now (read my review) and will be heading out on its headlining tour next month.
And the same weekend we were doing those shows, Long Island Fest was happening in like a VFW Hall and I Am The Avalanche was playing. And I remember thinking like I would much rather be at Long Island Fest right now. I don’t care, I don’t want to be in front of these 10,000 people who don’t get what I’m doing and as soon as we’re done playing they’re gonna go buy a confederate flag beer coozie. I would much rather play in front of a thousand people in a VFW Hall in Long Island right now. And that was a turning point in our career where we really said “how much more do we need?”

genuine dudes with genuine music. can’t fuckin beat it.

Gabriel the Marine. Another band I regret being so lazy about getting into. If you like Death Cab For Cutie or Temper Trap, definitely give them a listen.

The pictures I shot from the most recent Nothing To Lose show are now up on Flickr and my photography blog. Check them out.

Themesong: Home Team

I post far too much Brand New and Taking Back Sunday. So here is an entire Spotify playlist of the rest of my Long Island jams…

  • As Tall As Lions- Stab City
  • As Tall As Lions- Duermete
  • Brand New- At the Bottom
  • Brand New- The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
  • Brand New- Jesus Christ
  • Envy On the Coast- The Devil’s Tongue
  • Head Automatica- Brooklyn is Burning
  • NGHBRS- American Junk
  • Patent Pending- Douchebag
  • Stereo Skyline- A Little More Us
  • Taking Back Sunday- Summer, Man
  • Taking Back Sunday- Since You’re Gone
  • Taking Back Sunday- One-eigthy By Summer
  • This Condition- The Timing

There are so many more bands that aren’t on Spotify that I wish I could add on to this. You get the picture, though. All of the pride.


Newsday has a paywall so I am just putting the entire text of the article (written by Emily C. Dooly) here.

I don’t often say “Yay, Long Island,” but, yay Long Island. This is a great step forward.

A new parent-teacher organization is forming on Long Island to support gay, lesbian, bisexual…

Yay Long Island.

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You can take the girl out of Long Island [music] but you can’t take the Long Island [music] out of the girl.

I went to my friend’s show today. They opened up for Vinnie from Brand New’s new side project. He and I bumped butts at one point. Although awesome, that’s not the point. The point is that getting straight back the kind of setting where everyone has an unsaid deep appreciation for the music that makes us proud is something I was very grateful to have done. Between that and the familiar faces, I was that much more content with where I decided I belong. I even forgot to mention that I got to shoot the friend’s band, too. They’re such talented dudes. I didn’t mean for this post to turn into an advertisement for them, but when you get the chance, definitely check out Along the Falls. If you’re into Brand New and that stuff. Really. Anyway, back to the point once again. Tonight was cool.

My first thought out Spotify playlist dedicated to my favorite Long Island bands.

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