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I’m Switzerland up in here, but this is awesome. You just formed a coup against your mom. This is going to be the best week of internet ever.

inthefade replied to your post: "You just stole the Mayorship from Michele C.!"


Are you entertained yet? (I’m still Mayor).

Couldn’t resist. No hetero. <3

Tumblr Crushes:

I went through the CHSH tag and this happened.

Dear And The Headlights- Grace

Everyone has a short list of songs that do more than just please their ear buds, right? This song is somewhere on the top of mine. It straight up moves me. Every single time. I can never listen to it without feeling so inspired and drawn in that all I want to do is go to the beach by myself at night, stare past the dark water, and think deeply about nothing. I didn’t find out until just now that this band broke up last Wednesday. I’m so happy to have accidentally discovered them a few Warped Tours ago, but even more bummed out to see them go.

Oh, and Mike… We need a new band to see together now.

look my two favorite tumblr boys (really) being all bromantical.