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3:/14 : Amy Millan | Towers

3:/11 - Dashboard Confessional | Hands Down

Taking Back Sunday | Little Devotional

There was a Taking Back Sunday show on Long Island that I missed tonight. I forgot to mope about it like I did for Brand New.

Circa Survive | Get Out (Acoustic)

Locked myself up in a room without a window
just to see if it was any easier to breath
but I was wrong
Never underestimate the daylight
there it’s so much easier to read


One Eighty by Summer - Taking Back Sunday

“I need you defenseless, dependent and alone…”

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O’ sister last night. dedicated to Amanda Plasse

That’s even more incredible than I had imagined. I read a story on here a few days ago about this by only-the-clouds

I just came from seeing Dallas Green perform in Northampton, MA. Halfway through the show, someone passed a letter up to the stage, and he took it, and when he read it he looked a little like the wind had been knocked out of him. There were people in the audience yelling the name “Amanda” but we couldn’t figure out what was going on.

After the set, he came back on for the encore and told us he was going to play a song he didn’t normally play. He turned to the people who’d sent the letter up and said this was a sensitive subject, and incredibly sad, but hopefully this would do something — make it a little better, maybe. There were shouts of “R.I.P. Amanda!” from the back of the room.

Then he started playing “O’ Sister.” And everything became clear. I teared up because I can’t listen to that song without tearing up, it’s so true to what’s happening with my own sister right now, and watching Dallas’s face as he sang it fifty feet in front of me felt unreal. But that’s not the only reason.

The fact that someone asked for that song to be sung in memory of someone else, the fact that it hits me so hard every time I listen to it, the fact that it was written in the first place, means that I am not alone in this. Dallas is not alone in this. Amanda’s friends are not alone in this. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I know for me, “O’ Sister” did make it a little better.

Dallas thanked us after the show for finding something in his music. I wish I could thank him to his face. I hope he knows how much he’s done for me, and probably for lots of others out there.

When you listen to songs the way they are meant to be listened to, it feels like you’re listening to a completely different song. One you’ve never actually heard before. After reading that story and watching this video, I felt every fucking word he said.

I’ve already seen him before. It was one of the greatest shows I’ve ever been to. But his newer album that has so much more soul, passion, and depth that I know tonight will be an entirely different experience. I couldn’t be more thrilled. You’re a good man, Dallas Green.

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+44 - Make You Smile

Song of the day: It’s time to wake up, shape up, and then wake up and shape up a little more.

Jesus Christ- Brand New

They’re playing on Long Island tonight. Nearly every friend who I share my deep, deep love for this band with is going to see them. Meanwhile, I will be serving coffee all night. I could be going to this show. If I accepted the fact that Disney was not where I wanted to be the second I felt it instead of talking and crying myself out of it for weeks, I could be going, too. Everyone bought their tickets while I was wrapped up in denial and convinced that I would be able to stick the Program out until January. That’s what kills. I could be there.

I really hope everyone has an awesome time. I’ll try with all my might to not be the awful, jealous, and bitter friend that I am when you all tell me how incredible it was. All I ask is that you please think of me when and if they play this song.

Maybe next time.