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I post far too much Brand New and Taking Back Sunday. So here is an entire Spotify playlist of the rest of my Long Island jams…

  • As Tall As Lions- Stab City
  • As Tall As Lions- Duermete
  • Brand New- At the Bottom
  • Brand New- The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
  • Brand New- Jesus Christ
  • Envy On the Coast- The Devil’s Tongue
  • Head Automatica- Brooklyn is Burning
  • NGHBRS- American Junk
  • Patent Pending- Douchebag
  • Stereo Skyline- A Little More Us
  • Taking Back Sunday- Summer, Man
  • Taking Back Sunday- Since You’re Gone
  • Taking Back Sunday- One-eigthy By Summer
  • This Condition- The Timing

There are so many more bands that aren’t on Spotify that I wish I could add on to this. You get the picture, though. All of the pride.

(Source: natuhtack)

The highlights of my Warped Tour would have to be seeing Patent Pending (one of the only things that makes looking back on my goth days worth looking back on) and getting to meet these crazy fucks. If you want to know what would happen if Scott Pilgrim, Yo-Gabba-Gabba, and some Asians had a baby, listen to Peelander-Z. Please.

Whether you love them or hate then, Patent Pending means a lot to anyone involved in the Long Island music scene. Five or six years ago, one Friday a month, there used to be shows in the basement of the Calvary Lutheran Church. Different local bands would play all the time while these kids would be roaming around the confined area making friends with people they recognized from other shows or with people they didn’t recognize and felt obligated to, learning how to mosh, learning how to skank, and learning how to just love the scene. It was good, clean fun. Patent Pending always closed the Calvary shows and they were always the band 99% of us came to see. Even if you didn’t like them, you knew all the words to every song and probably couldn’t help but sing along to Decemberween and Los Angeles while you sat on the windowsills and tried to spot your psychotic friends in the middle of the crowd. If you’re into that stuff, they’re an incredible band to listen to. If not, they’re still a fun band to watch, and even more fun to hang out with. They love their fans and care about them like every artist should. What I love about them the most is that even when they finally make it big, they’ll never forget their roots. It was good to see these guys on They make me proud.

P-Unit forevz.