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and said demoralizing parent should not try to tell me the bible HAS to be true because nobody would have ever just made those stories up for no reason.

some people should not be parents.

breathe into every step, and every step becomes an adventure ||☀️🌿 || #longisland #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #adventure (at Norman J Levy Park and Preserve)

vasolinejesus replied to your post: waking up next to, brushing your teeth…

Oh c’mon. You want to know long distance relationships? Try a 6 hour plane ride. All you have to do is get in your car.

get in my car with the $0 of gas money i have to park myself on a block where said boyfriend was robbed at gunpoint? oh, yes, what a splendid idea :)))))))

waking up next to, brushing your teeth in groggy, giggly silence beside, getting breakfast with to enjoy outside amongst nature, going about every little part of your adventurous day (even when it wasn’t intended to be an adventure) with, to make and eat dinner straight out of the pots and pans on the kitchen floor with, until it’s time to wind down and fall asleep next to your favorite person in the entire world for four days was totally worth the withdrawal i’m experiencing this morning after waking up to an empty, quiet room. it’s just going to be a very long ten days.

the things ben suggests sometimes make it really hard to believe he’s not vasolinejesus's creation.

quick how do I make a quick $17.99 I’m going to cry send help

CMJ Announces Initial 2014 Lineup


CMJ is taking place from October 21st through october 25th, and the initial lineup has been announced. Check it out below after the jump.

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would go solely for Gerard Way and Bear’s Den.