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Mirrors — Envy on the Coast

With every breath and every intake
Tip-toe further away
Further away from this mistake
I’m no savior, I’m no saint

kelly i didn’t know you liked them. ahhhh! 

why do you think she’s my girlfriend??

'Daisy' Turns Five


Brand New's Daisy is now five years old. The band is on track to release new music in 2015. Stream Daisy below.

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my boy setbabiesonfire has really been keeping me on my crystal studies game by bringing more and more of his goodies into work every week. I can’t wait to have him work his magic on some of my own!! if you ever want beautifully wrapped crystals or stones, he’s definitely your guy.

"guys. wait up. these humans are after my salad."


imagine paddle shuffleboard. it’s like shuffleboard rowing.

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Hey dude. Steal me a bag of cat litter from Jo-Ann and bring it over tomorrow. Don't ask why. All will be explained.

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I want to ask why. but I learned a long, long time ago to stop questioning Todd. there’s no use. you just smile and nod and hope there actually is a reason. or hope there isn’t. I don’t know. it always depends.

anyways. I got you on the cat litter, Todd. see you later.


Which is probably actually a lot higher than a good amount of people’s daily protein intake. FYI.


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the amount of times a night I’ve had to keep myself from legitimately crying for couples I’ve known for less than twelve hours while shooting their weddings lately is pathetic.

I stopped counting after the like tenth time in the last month.

like who am I???????